Feature: Nicole Issa – Notes In My Car

Nicole Issa reveals her latest single Notes In My Car – an ode to tedious chores, kind sentiments and painful reflections.

Notes in My Car” came about from the common avoidance of a tedious chore… “My ex-partner knew I hated cleaning my car” Nicole laughs “So he would write little love letters and plant them in secret spots in my car… once every couple of months when I finally built up the energy to clean, I would find these little cute notes

A kind gesture would turn so wrong when the world went into lockdown and Nicole and her
partner separated. Obviously, in a time when no one was traveling, Nicole’s car became
neglected, and it wasn’t until the world re-emerged, 6 months after the breakup, that she went through her car and found one of these long lost notes…

It shattered me,” She says, “ It said something like when you find this I hope you know there
is someone out there that always loves you. I remember finding it ironic as when we had separated he had told me he had fallen out of love with me

Nicole felt this overwhelming feeling of somberness as she was forced to remember moments
of kind gestures and love in her, now-broken, relationship. This is what inspired the first lyrics:

I miss when you’d hide notes in my car, for nights when we were apart, but now we really are apart… did you do it to make it hard?”

Influenced by the likes of JP Saxe, Chelsea Cutler, and Missy Higgins, the deep lyricism holds
an element of conversation in the track, as Nicole details the epiphany that she is left alone
with all the emotions of the relationship, while her ex-partner seems to have washed his hands clean of the responsibility.

Sonically the element of nostalgia is felt through the warm pianos and water-jerking cries of
the strings. The track oozes with emotion the perfect balance of soaring instrumentation
alongside powerful vocals which have now become Nicole’s trademark. Produced by James
Malone (Odette) and Mixed by Tom Garnett at Studio 301 (Travis Scott, Delta Goodrem), this track is one to heal any broken heart.

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