Feature: Vatic – Mercer 217

Drawing upon cinematic textures with layers of crushing guitars alongside a barrage of manic screams that offer a counterpoint to the haunting and yearning melodies, Melbourne metalcore outfit, Vatic reveal their haunted-house-inspired EP, Mercer 217.

In their dynamic sophomore release Vatic paint the sonic representation of their perfect horror film.

217” narrates the story of a protagonist named Chance, whose unfortunate tale takes place at 217 East Mercer, a haunted house grappled by sleepless souls.

Vocalist Matt Payne details, “217 sets the scene around this haunted house, where most of our story takes place. There are holes in the walls and floors where bodies are hiding, their souls wandering the house, never sleeping.

Dead End” is the last single from the 8-track EP and signifies a departure from the haunted setting of 217 East Mercer.

The environment shifts from the house to within a vehicle, where protagonist Chance is on the move. Hiding from the police from the safety of his car, Chance eventually succumbs to darkness and opts against escape, experiencing stockholm syndrome for the once traumatising murder house, deciding to return back to his place of torment.

Vatic have built their foundations creating sonically dark and gloomy backdrops that balance their bittersweet, melodic choruses with aggressive and tormented screams.

Mercer 217 is available to stream NOW.


1. Not Ready To Die
2. Silver Glass
3. The Colour In Your Eyes
4. 217
5. No Sleep
6. Dead End
7. Remember East Mercer 
8. Let Me Die

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