Feature: Vilify – Odyssey

Mulubinba/Newcastle-based alternative-metal group Vilify have returned with a monstrous new single Odyssey – produced and mixed by Chris Blancato (Northlane, Bare Bones, Reliqa).

Odyssey erupts with angst and ferocity, emphasised by sweltering guitars and commanding drums which fuel the lamenting vocals from frontwoman Amy McIntosh. Frantic verses pave the way for a cathartic chorus, contributing vehemence and vitality to an impenetrable structure. Unrelenting and vulnerable, ‘Odyssey’ is an onslaught of emotion directed at the unfairness of loss.

Our song ‘Odyssey’ is based largely around Amy’s feeling of loss, anger, and confusion at losing her father quite early in her childhood,” the band explains. “The song raises issues around wondering if her father would be proud of the person she has become and how he would have shaped her life if he was still alive. A central theme is questioning why God (if there is a God…) took such a loving and caring man. If a God took him, then he must hate everybody else and not care or condone justice in any way.”

Alongside the release is the encapsulating video clip. Shot, directed, and edited by Amy McIntosh, the clip explores the visual representation of grief through camera deception and stimulation. “The video is shot in Amy’s house and photos of her family and her father are collaged on the wall to demonstrate how she still feels ties to her father and questions how any god could have punished their family in such a tragic way,” the band continues. “Amy looks up in the video to convey how she is questioning God and also looking up at her father to see if he is still looking down on her.”

Odyssey is available NOW.

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