Feature: Yirrmal – Promised Land Feat. Dami Im

Yirrmal: the master storyteller invites listeners along a journey of deeply profound loss, sadness, grief and heartbreak – the crossing to the Promised Land setting the spirit free as the soul is reunited with his ancestors.

The track kicks in with the earthy guitar tones of a smooth ballad as Yirrmal and Dami’s vocals intertwine within each other as the saxophone plays softly in the background, languidly melting with warm and fuzzy feelings. The track gives off “final credits” energy as the instrumentals depicts the perfect ending to a romance-fuelled film.

Yirrmal says “This track is a very simplified English adaptation of a Yolngu lyric, where the tone conveys the journey of the soul crossing over into the Promised Land.”

The soul sets out on a transcendent and metaphysical gut-wrenching journey to the far shore on the other side of the ocean, sailing through raging seas and swirling currents, into the unforeseeable dark night. He cries desperately to return to his loved ones he has left behind. Eventually, the clouds part to reveal the bright full moon shining its light over the Milky Way, guiding the soul to the Promised Land. He calms as he reaches the shore. The ancestors rejoice and welcome him, and the soul is finally at peace.

Promised Land feat. Dami Im is available NOW.

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