Feature: Anieszka – HUMAN

In the music of R&B artist Anieszka, there exists a sense of connection to storytelling in its purest form – where her voice takes the listener on a journey into a sonic and artistic realm that is constructed with honesty and a balance of strength and vulnerability at its core. 

As previewed by the stunning lead single in June, HUMAN speaks to Anieszka’s confidence and grounded nature as both an artist and individual; navigating the world with a perspective rich in authenticity, gratitude and self-awareness.

Songs like ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘Senses’ explore moments of sensitivity and openness; with ‘True’, we hear a contrast, with Anieszka’s rich vocals entering a more beat-heavy dancefloor ready space. The EP shows Anieszka’s versatility as an artist, and as a mirror for the human condition, shows how different we all can be.

A focus on healing and acceptance of our self-worth and importance as individuals is prominent throughout the HUMAN project; Anieszka delivers music that is here to soothe and remind us all that we have our place within the world and our value cannot be determined by another.

“This EP amalgamates all the different parts of who I am and what has become transparent to me in recent years. I feel like what we’ve gone through as a collective over the past couple of years has had a unique effect on all of us.

For me, it brought clarity and a confidence to write from an authentic place within me. Each song on this body of work speaks to our many human facets. Whether it is to be more present, be more true, be more forgiving yet conscious of our choices, know we are worthy of love and good things. To voice our fears when we do love someone, to not be afraid to express our sensual selves, to practice gratitude for both our emotions and senses, or to remind us of our humanity – Human is a sonic journey of healing.

Whilst we all have varying experiences of being alive, I feel this body of work is a moment of interconnectedness, where listeners know they are not alone on their journey.”

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