Feature: Bri Clark – Waiting

Perth singer songwriter Bri Clark weaves emotionally wrought alt-pop marvels about love, heartache, and the corporeal grind of living with chronic illness. Enveloping her impeccably agile voice—the alluring centerpiece of her work—with spacious atmospherics, brooding piano, and elegant dynamics, Bri Clark has rapidly earned her status as one of Australia’s most enthralling artists on the rise, and she’s back stronger than every with her long awaited debut album “Waiting.”

With an electronic flair and an emotional twist on pop melodies to fill our craving for romance-driven love songs, Waiting acts as a digital telescope, peering into the realities of relationships, and the hardships, beauties, and finer details that encompass the journey of falling in and out of love. Encompassing eleven tracks, moving through emotional intensity like pages of a book, Bri’s relatability makes us feel safe and accepted as we too navigate the turbulent nature of life’s love and connection experiences.

The raw and tender lyricism allows the audience to reflect on their own experiences, to improve our understanding of how relationships may not seem so black and white.

Speaking on the album, Bri Clark described “I wanted the tracklisting of this album to be like chapters of an audiobook, detailing the relationship grief and acceptance process.”

Acute observations are propelled by intelligent dark-pop nuances and slick, hard-hitting production throughout, with lyrics moulded through the grieving process of a dysphoric relationship.

Collaborating with a slew of seasoned songwriters to perfect its 11 sprawling tracks, Waiting is a wildly impressive debut carved from the rubble of heartache and resilience.

The album opens with shock. Lilting vocals echo across a sparse soundscape of siren synths on the LP’s title track, while a distressed inner voice recalls in bewilderment the rapidfire events that have just transpired. A palpable sense of dread and apprehension thickens to a suffocating degree before imploding into a cacophony of sound that could temper the most explosive Perfume Genius climaxes.

Bri Clark‘s debut album Waiting is available NOW.

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