Feature: Julian Belbachir – Babdoukkala

Babdoukkala is a sonic journey that explores the deep roots of North and West Africa through a contemporary lens and represents Julian’s unique vision and fusion.

The Album features nine original compositions featuring traditional instruments the Kamele N’goni and Guembre with modern production and instruments and contemporary musical styles. Babdoukkala plays tribute to the “griots”, “maalems” and African masters Julian has studied with here in Australia and in Africa. Babdoukkala’s mission is to bring culturally rich music to a contemporary audience.

A unique blend of ancestral African roots born in modern day Australia the body of work that is Babdoukkala reflects the deep spiritual connection to Africa and the modern influences and sounds of growing up in Australia.

Educated by “griots” and “maalems“ and influenced by World, Indigenous and western modern music and culture with Babdoukala Julian endeavours to create and present a body of work that reflects his identity as an Australian with African roots.

I’ve studied and played with masters of traditional music like Bangourake, Sibo Bangoura & Bocka Juniors and have been working on this album over the past six years”, says Belbachir

“Over the past 6 years I have been working on my debut and this album is a reflection of my identity as an Australian with North African ancestry and a deep connection that I have with a community that exists faraway from where I live. The music draws influence from the genres I have discovered on my travels and techniques I have learnt through playing and collaborating with so many great musicians. The album is a continuation of my life’s work connecting traditional North African Music and with modern production and composition styles.” says Belbachir.

Julian Belbachir’s debut album Babdoukkala is available now. 

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