Feature: Saviour – Shine & Fade

Shine & Fade marks an evolution for Perth melodic hardcore outfit, Saviour.

An expansion of different themes, exploring heavier, darker and catchier sounds while staying true to the bands roots.

Through their 5th studio offering the band explore a refined approach as Shine & Fade varies from track to track, with each song becoming its own entity rather than making up pieces of a puzzle. ‘Shine’ signifies strong wellbeing and good times and ‘Fade’ represents the process of how that eventually seems to change.

Saviour is Bryant Best (vocals), Shontay Snow (vocals/keys), Curtis Tunks (guitar), Chris Pearce (vocals, bass), Daniel Rees (guitar) and Michael Matta (guitar).

Since the initial spark of creativity that grew to become the inferno that is Perth’s beloved heavy melodic act Saviour, both the external world and the internal mechanics of the band have changed dramatically.

One thing that will forever remain, is Saviour’s burning desire to create something truly unique within the alternative music scene.

Their etherial collision of aggressive post-hardcore with atmospheric electronic sounds and vocals has lead to the six-piece standing out from the crowd for over a decade.

Shine & Fade is available now via Greyscale Records.

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