This Week In The Charts: April 4, 2022

This week in the charts, we have new debuts from Tones and I, Courtney Keil, Sycco, Micks, The Laurels, Bugs, Xavier Rudd, Camp Cope, and Wongo.

On the Independent Label Albums chart, Xavier Rudd debuts #1 with Jan Juc Moon, Camp Cope debut #2 with Running With The Hurricane, Bugs debut #6 with Cooties, and The Laurels debut #13 with Homecoming.
On the 100% Independent albums chart, The Laurels debut #2 with Homecoming.

On the Independent Label Singles chart, Tones and I debuts #3 with Eyes Don’t Lie, Supafly & De Funk debut #9 with Pleasure Love, Wongo debuts #19 with Apple feat. Jade Alice, and Chris Rose & Chelsea Berman debut #20 with Thing’s We Shouldn’t Do.
Chris Rose and Chelsea Berman debut #7 on the 100% Independent Singles chart with Thing’s We Shouldn’t Do, Courtney Keil debuts #9 with The One, Micks debuts #12 with Rockstar, and Sycco debuts #15 with Superstar.

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