Feature: ChillCheney – Kill The Lights

The raw, energising new release by a First Nations Artist, ChillCheney ‘Kill The Lights’ was unveiled earlier this week.

This single is a captivating moment for the young artist, as he explores his vigorous work ethic at night and how he perceives the world during day time.

The production, song-writing and performance by ChillCheney has given him an outlet through intricate lyricism and has explored a powerful, fierce mood through the synth and the hip-hop 808 sounds.

“This is the first single that I am actually proud of. I mean, I’ve worked for months on this song and it has finally come together”
, recounts the young rapper.

ChillCheney has recently been faced with doubt, negativity and a loss of purpose from his surroundings.
“My friends and family are giving me guidance on which road to head, but no one actually knows me. This song explains how hard I am working and how passionate I am”.

ChillCheney has never really had any mentors, or positivity when it comes to music.
“Most people laugh at me when I say I’m a rapper. Most people say I’m not fit for it. But this song explores everything and the past has given me an outlet to speak to my listeners and to tell my story”.

ChillCheney has always been inspired by music from early on in his childhood. Listening to 2Pac’s song “Changes” had awakened his passion for rap.

This formed an outlet for creative expression which has propelled his songwriting to new heights.

ChillCheney’s energizing new single Kill The Lights is out NOW.

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