Feature: Coconut Cream – More Time

Coconut Cream, the captivating Eora / Sydney based indie four-piece, share their latest EP, What Kind of Music Do You Like to Listen to? via Broth Records.

Produced by Middle Kids’ Tim Fitz, across What Kind of Music Do You Like to Listen to?, Coconut Cream tap into the innocence of feeling.

Be it innocuous or tumultuous, their relay of the longstanding subject of love and the sum of its parts manifests itself as immediately and viscerally as a single pinprick.

From the tipsy giddiness of a first crush to the physical sickness of a relationship’s demise, Coconut Cream chronicle it all, unfiltered from start to finish.

A familiar tale no doubt, but the magic of Coconut Cream’s EP lies in the detailed vignettes of the mundane – parking tickets, bus break downs, teacups – unassuming details of the banal that conjure love’s greatest sense, or its most relentless villain: memory.

Vocalist Astari Mudana’s lyrical simplicity, not to be confused with naiveté, rises above a relatability tied through shared misery. It’s her shrewd forte for narrating the memories you didn’t realise you had and forgotten firsts that leave a lasting impression.

“All the songs on the EP are personal stories of mine,” Astari reveals. “Each song has its own feeling and story but there’s definitely a focus on the complexities of relationships and also the emotions that come with them ending. All the tracks started of as acoustic songs that I wrote on guitar. When I brought them to the band they quickly became super vibrant and lush as we explored new ideas and instrumentation to create the sound that you hear on the EP. We were then so lucky to be able to record all these songs with Tim Fitz who really helped the tracks come to life even more in the studio. We as a band all love a lot the same music but are also each influenced by different artists and genres. I think all these separate influences really come through on the EP and give it a unique feeling.”

Joining animated lead singles ‘Your Drug On Computers‘ and melancholic ‘Safety Net‘ includes ‘Overgrown‘ a retrospective on the catharsis that comes with finally letting go; ‘Parking Ticket‘ where the inanimate triggers the realisation of toxic behaviour; the title track, recorded alone in one take at guitarist Oscar Saran’s back paddock; and focus track ‘More Time‘ an existential crisis of sorts on making career dreams work with life’s deadlines.

Warning: What Kind of Music Do You Like to Listen to? may trigger the opening of your deepest adolescent memories and repeated listen upon consumption.

More Time from Coconut Cream’s latest EP What Kind Of Music Do You LIke To Listen To is out now via Broth Records.

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