Feature: Destiny Band Oz – Who I Might Be

After a long, drawn-out process in bringing this album to fruition – Destiny Oz Band has had a whirlwind of experiences culminating toward their sixth single and title track of album Who I Might Be.

Speaking on her experiences of creating an album during these times Tessa explained;
“It was a very difficult, worrying and mentally draining time with one thing and another, not only
for us but for everyone. Our emotions were everywhere; fear, frustration, hope, despair, you name it. It got to the stage where we thought we were never going to get our songs recorded”. Then we were recommended to Damian Cafarella of EOR Productions, (who is one of the ‘Wildes’ in Melbourne-based Country Americana group, ‘Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes’).

Saving the best for last the band was thrilled to unveil their 6th single and title track from their forthcoming album Who I Might Be.

After a trying few years for everyone emerging from adversity with a thought-provoking social commentary of the times sublimely delivered by Tessa with her dynamic vocals.

The powerful message in this lovely song is to be kind and non-judgemental towards others because you never know who they might be.

Who I Might Be is available NOW.

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