Feature: Goddess911 – I.F.I.U

Pairing emotionally soothing chord progressions with stories of trust, anarchy, and joy, Alister Wright (Cloud Control, Vlossom) and Samuel Lockwood (The Jezabels), known as Goddess911, share their debut EP and focus track ‘I Fucked It Up’.

Released via Future Classic, the I.F.I.U EP is accompanied by a four-track remixes EP, with contributions from DJ Counselling, Skeleten, Coby Sey, and Yu Su.

As Goddess911, they explore what people can become when they dissolve the myths that keep them locked in place, encouraging broad searching and acceptance of complexity. Their bright and sweeping offerings explore the vast potential humanity has for creating and recreating the world until it’s a livable place for all of us.

Lockwood shares,
What came out when we started writing was a surprisingly strange pastiche of slightly psychedelic pop and acoustic soundscapes. We were both concerned with the state of the world – our musical collaboration felt like a way of seeking an answer to a seemingly impossible set of problems facing humanity at the time. Heather Shannon (The Jezabels) was included to help with melodies and lyrics, and the three of us chipped away slowly and surely at a set of songs that you find on the EP today. We feel the best way to describe the process is the surrealist exquisite corpse – an assemblage of ideas that have been brought together collectively.

Produced by the duo themselves, the EP features the singles ‘Saturn’s Wings’, ‘Botanical‘, ‘Carrying‘ and ‘Goddess’, which received an abundance of praise across DSPs and led them to support Kelly Lee Owens across the UK. The EP’s focus track, ‘I Fucked it Up’, captures a new intensity from the duo. Wright explains, “When we were writing together we talked about the joy of destruction, realising that we as people have the power. It can be a playful and joyous expression. Also more literally it is about how we have actually fucked everything up, thinking about that and sitting with it.”

Goddess911′s debut EP I.F.I.U is out now via Future Classic.

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