Feature: Telescreen – Onward (To You)

Written in the depths of Melbourne’s second extended lockdown of 2020, ‘Onward (To You)’ was exorcised from a pivotal and personal turning point for Nic, the band’s frontman. Having endured a personal low point and making some really big life changes, Nic was beginning to emerge out the other side with a newfound excitement for the future.

He began wishing he could fast forward the next few years of his life, anxious to see where time would lead him. The anticipation led him to become quite fixated on the idea that his future self was watching over him, guiding his decisions and directing him towards the right path for his life. He had an overwhelming feeling that all he had to do was be true to himself and he would end up where he needed to be.

“This song is a reflection of that sincere, starry-eyed hope” Nic explains. “It’s got this real sense of belief and optimism about it that fills me with desperate anticipation for what could be next.

Similarly, the track itself builds and builds throughout the song, all leading up to that final moment of blissful release and the feeling of “I’m gonna make it”. Onward reminds me that time is constantly moving us toward our next big break, our next lover, turning us into the person we want and need to be.”

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