Feature: Romanie – Little Big Steps

A dreamy masterpiece suited for Sunday mornings, or late-night sessions, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Romanie releases her latest soothing EP “Little Big Steps”.

Marked by its diversity of themes and melodies; yet anchored together with the consistency of pure and emotive songwriting, self-reflection, all the while showcasing her personal story and journey from Belgium to Australia.

Little Big Steps was born after a conversation with one of my best friends from Belgium, who was having a bad time. We had very long Skype conversations about plans and dreams and one day she told me not to worry because she would get back on her feet, “with little big steps”. I found the phrase so beautiful and comforting and thought about myself – moving countries, moving away from friends back in Belgium, starting over, and finding new ways. Everything started to make sense in my head and I started to write more songs about my own journey, transition, and about self-reflection” Romanie explains.

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