Feature: Majak Door – Smoke Is In The Air

Melbourne-based surf-rock group Majak Door have today returned with their charismatic new single ‘Smoke In The Air’ – produced by Daniel Caswell (Dune Rats, Bad//Dreems, The Living End) and the band themselves.

Opening with suave synths and shimmering clean guitars, ‘Smoke In The Air’ fluently floats at a tranquil tempo. Steady drums and stoic bass complement the serene vocals of lead singer Frankie Vakalis, as the song swells and glides into a sparkling chorus brimming with the reverb-laden elements of superlative indie music. Spirited alternations take the track to its high point before sensibly alleviating for a pure finale.

Vakalis talks about the process behind ‘Smoke In The Air’:

“The single ‘Smoke in the Air’ was written during January of 2020, when Melbourne had been engulfed in smoke from the near bushfires. The upcoming album touches on many different areas; nostalgia, friendship, politics, and anything else that crosses the mind of a 20-something-year-old.”

Previous releases have been extensively supported by the likes of Spotify, triple j, triple j Unearthed, FBi Radio, SYN FM, Radio Adelaide, 4ZZZ, and 2XX FM. It also received online praise from Pilerats, Milky, The Australian Music Scene, Deafen County, Something You Said, Backseat Mafia Downunder, The Soundcheck, AAA Backstage and Like Velvet.

Majak Door’s debut self-titled album, which also features previous singles ‘Will She Leave You’ and ‘L’acqua Salata (Ain’t So Sweet)’ is due for release on Friday, September 17, and is available to pre-order now via 24Hundred.

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