Feature: Benjamin Trillado – Nuisance

As one of five newly signed artists to Melbourne-based label Push Records, Benjamin Trillado’s newest single ‘Nuisance’ sees the raw indie-folk artist’s introspective and honest songwriting talent on full display.

With the opportunity to record and release a new single via the label, Benjamin was lucky enough to work with producer and engineer Alex ‘Gormie’ O’Gorman (Angie McMahon, Big Smoke) to bring life to his new single ‘Nuisance’. Benjamin’s already solid songwriting foundation coupled with the exploration of a wider array of instrumentation and production has elevated Ben’s music to new heights. This emotionally charged track is filled with witty lyrics, jangly electric guitars and soaring vocals. As Benjamin explains, “‘Nuisance’ encapsulates the self-doubt that often comes hand-in-hand with choosing to pursue a career in a creative industry.  It’s a song about second-guessing following your dreams, and not quite being sure whether or not you’re on the right path, or whether your art matters to people as much as it matters to you.”

Benjamin has been a constant presence in the Melbourne/Naarm music scene over the past few years. Supporting the likes of Ben Abraham (Kesha, Ben Platt, Missy Higgins), Stonefield, Little Quirks and The Dreggs, Benjamin has been consistently performing in packed venues all over the city. In the vein of artists such as Matt Corby, Angie McMahon and Julia Jacklin, the singer-songwriter isn’t afraid to bring his brand of heart-wrenching folk to attendees, even managing to silence a room full of rowdy punters. 

Benjamin’s take on the folk/indie genre is entirely propelled by his own unique voice and personal experiences. Across his previous works, Benjamin has captured an ever-growing audience with his raw and intimate lyrics and story-telling. His last single, ‘Worth’, was his most honest track to date; an empowering search for self-love and acceptance as a queer person. For Benjamin, these emotive and powerful tracks are written to bring to light matters that aren’t often discussed, and are proving to resonate with a large number of listeners across the world. Across his limited catalogue, Benjamin has garnered over 700,000 streams and continues to grow his audience with each release. 

Looking forward, in the midst of a time filled with such uncertainty within the industry Nuisance is a song that will prove to be infinitely relatable to artists from all walks of life. Filled with layered instrumentation, cinematic builds and Benjamin’s powerful vocal delivery, the new single is poised to set Benjamin on a trajectory for further success.

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