Feature: Stevie Jean – Menace

After recently relocating to Melbourne from her hometown of Darwin NT, Stevie Jean channels all her unbridled, angsty, and creatively expressive energy for the music video of lead single “Menace” off her upcoming debut album ‘The Dark’. 

Taking the helm as the star and first-time video producer (along with collaborator Jacob Hazeldine), the “Menace” music video sees Stevie literally and figuratively let down her hair, get a tattoo, party with friends, and embrace the expressive freedom of being unapologetically young, loud and fearless.

Shedding herself of preconceptions with a little healthy chaos and destruction, and effectively grabbing her own life and music by the teeth, “Menace” is an edgy, frenetic, explosive force to be reckoned with. Squealing guitar riffs paired with a thunderous drum beat, and Stevie’s growling verses and vibrant high notes building into repetitive chants of “we do what we wanna do” at the song’s crescendo make “Menace” a multi-faceted but undoubtedly huge statement from the 21-year-old.

Recorded in live takes at Darwin institution Studio G and mixed with the raw power of the original vocal stem, Stevie takes cues from classic rock icons such as Suzie Quatro and Joan Jett – capturing a three-minute burst of fierce rebellious energy in musical form, and a taste of what to expect from her upcoming debut album.

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