Feature: Rhys Tranter – My Living Room Of Acceptance

Rhys Tranter has been making headway as an artist with his unique perspective as a song-writer (think War on Drugs meets Paper Kites) and is ready to release his recorded work captured during his time in London.

Rhys worked closely with Mat Leppanen at The Animal Farm Music to develop a viscerally emphatic and delicately human EP entitled: My Living Room of Acceptance. Mat Leppanen produced all four tracks in South London assisting with creating the lush sonic soundscapes Rhys had as the creative vision.

The EP balances troublingly pensive moods and uplifting escapism in the combination of thought-provoking lyricism and robust arrangements. Rhys’ influences clearly shine through on this release as he clearly defines his alternative approach to the traditions of Country, Rock and Folk, retrofitting modern perspectives to classic sounds.

Rhys describes the lead single from the EP – called Woman of the Apocalypse as “my best attempt to push myself melodically, simplifying the lyrics and trying to create something brooding, yet empowering. It’s got a real personal message to me and I tried to write it from more of a feminine perspective in an effort to get out of my own head.” Rhys Tranter “My Living Room of Acceptance”

The astute Rhys Tranter to release reformative EP My Living Room of Acceptance My Living Room of Acceptance is a shining example of trusting the process and cultivating the time and space to compose with patience, zeal and grace. Where the songs Some of Us and Sometimes draw on the quaint, similar to Whitney, they expand with the exuberance of Fleet Foxes and carry the weight of Jason Isbell. This four-track body of work demands that the listener enrich the aforementioned qualities in themselves as Rhys’ songs grow steadily and reward the attentive listener.

Rhys Tranter is a singer-songwriter currently based in Melbourne. He has been writing music since he was 16, and songwriting has become his main focus since returning back to Australia, after living and playing music in London for two years. Rhys has played in a variety of bands for several years within the Australian music scene, specifically his hometown of Newcastle, NSW.
Most recently, Rhys decided to strike out on his own after exploring more acoustically based sounds. Rhys is skilled in several instruments, and his songs touch upon universal humanistic themes, such as mortality, mental illness, empathy and grief; as well as joy and the timeless art of storytelling in music.
His past of working as a mental health social worker has given him a unique take on songwriting and those themes resonate through his releases.

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