Feature: Route 33: She Knows What She’s Doing

She Knows What She’s Doing is the catchy first single lifted from Route 33’s forthcoming third album, out now through Social Family Records
The new track is an easy listening summer vibe that pushes the edge of modern country music while still having that Route 33 hint of 90s nostalgia, produced by Andrew Cochrane.
It’s a song about the power a girl has over a guy and the fact that the guy can see it unfolding in front of him, but doesn’t have the power to stop himself from being drawn in. Although he sees the signs and knows her every move, he follows the breadcrumbs she leaves, knowing full well where it ends, but loving every moment of her and what’s she’s doing.

Queensland based Route 33 is Trent McArdle and Jock Barnes.  Barnes met McArdle when he played sport against Barnes’ older brother. It was that same sibling that, a decade ago, encouraged the pair to jam together and combine their formidable talents. As that familiar old saying goes, the rest is history!

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