Feature: Stuck Out – Lie Through Your Teeth

Hailing from Melbourne, Stuck Out have released their second EP, Lie Through Your Teeth through Greyscale Records.

Lie Through Your Teeth is an EP based around the consequences when we lie to others, we lie to ourselves, and we, in turn, are lied to. The EP looks at a range of circumstances where the truth is withheld and how that affects everyone in the situation. “When we approached this EP, we wanted to create something that translated into our high energy live performances. This has resulted in an aggressive, powerful yet polished sound that we believe is our best release to date.” says vocalist, Josh Walker.

Stuck Out’s lyrics resonate like that familiar internal monologue we all shared when we discovered one simple truth: growing up is not all it’s cracked up to be. Navigating the ins and outs of complex relationships, while trying to find your place in a world that makes less sense by the day have become the cornerstone for the band’s lyrics, and they want to use every platform they can to help music lovers feel a little less alone. While some musicians play their cards quite close to their chest, Stuck Out have worn their heart on their sleeve since day one, and it has lead to them garnishing a keen and loyal fanbase. 

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