Feature: STUMPS – All Our Friends

A genre-bending journey, full of anthemic hooks counterbalanced by Fisher’s deep lyricism and unsmiling baritone, STUMPS debut album All Our Friends is a thoughtful, humorous and crushing love letter to how our environments shape us.

The single, ‘I’ve Had Enough’ sees the band seeking frivolity in a year that has been anything but. Bassist Merrick Powell explains, “2020 has been full of challenges, and this song is a bit of an emotional dump about how the pressure can take its toll. We wanted to contrast that with a sense of positivity, so we tried bringing that side to life in the production and video.” The result is an uplifting song about cheating negativity and embracing whatever fun you can scramble together.

Full of sly, self-aware nods to Brit-pop and the alternative rock of the late 90s and early 00s, the album, produced by Fletcher Matthews, is full of contrasts and contemporary ambivalence that sees the three-piece taking a leap forward, evolving from a band that were finding their feet, to one that draws comparisons to Gang Of Youths and City Calm Down.

STUMPS have created their own unique kind of contemplative disco, one that would have people swinging from the rafters just as soon as they’re done having an existential crisis. Despite the indie-rock hooks and grooves present across the album, there is a darkness that runs under the surface; a parallel with the coastal towns where the boys grew up.

“I wouldn’t deny it’s a privilege to live in an area as idyllic as the Northern Beaches, but that coastal charm can be deceiving, and masks this dark underbelly of some serious societal issues.” Explains Kyle, “It’s this bleak contrast that inspired a lot of the lyrical content, particularly on songs like ‘I’ve Had Enough’.” 

STUMPS have built a loyal fanbase, winning audiences over nationally, via their own headline shows, festival slots and supports for the likes of Dear Seattle and Maddy Jane. Their previously released tracks ‘Mouth Static‘, ‘Mt Pleasant‘, ‘Conversations, Conversations‘ and ‘Laugh About It‘, earnt praise from NME, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers, Mixdown and MTV. As well as airplay with triple j, triple j Unearthed, FBi and placement on Spotify’s New Music Fridays, Indie Arrivals, Broad Chords & Fresh Finds.

Focus on the music and you will be taken to a dirty indie club in 2009 as you dance until 4 AM. Or concentrate on Fisher’s impeccably heartfelt vocals, and you will ride a wave of emotions about broader society, misfits and oddity, and depression and heartbreak.

All Our Friendsis out through Cooking Vinyl Australia.

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