Feature: The Money War – Morning People

WA songwriting duo The Money War released their new album Morning People.

Dylan and Carmen recorded the ‘Morning People’ album in their studio in Fremantle with Dylan producing and mixing the entire record. He says, “I think by nature of the album being so personal it was the only way we could have achieved our own vision for the record.”

Probably the most notable thing about their sophomore album is that Carmen fell pregnant just as they began writing the record. Carmen says today “The whole album is basically written about our son Jack, or about the change in perspective that came with finding out we were going to be parents. The songs we write are usually written from personal experiences or things that happen to people close to us, but we used to try and keep our personal life separate and not focus on the fact that we’re a couple and that we’re married.”

Dylan says, the album is called ‘Morning People’ in tribute to leaving the life of late nights and sleeping in behind us.  

Carmen further adding, “we wrote the whole album about having a baby – the shift in perspective, the way it changes you, the fear and excitement that comes with bringing a new life into the world. But for some reason, we hesitated to make it public that we were having a kid.

We debated whether it would change people’s view of us as musicians. We realised that it’s such an important piece to the story of this album and this is real life. The album wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t tell what the songs are about. I’ve had friends who didn’t realise certain songs were about having a baby, they just thought it was another love song. I really like the fact that the songs can take on other meanings and be quite universal but we wanted the story to be clear.”

In addition to Dylan and Carmen, the recording band featured Jack Hill on drums, Matt Shehan on guitar, Miranda Murray-Young on Cello. They started off recording the album to 1/2” tape but that idea got quickly abandoned as Dylan further adds we learnt that we wanted to experiment more with the arrangements. Initially a bunch of the songs started as straight-up indie rock kind of arrangements but on each song, we wanted to try something that we hadn’t done as The Money War. Although I feel the album spans a few genres sonically, the thread is in the core songwriting and the lyrical themes.”

Morning People is out now.

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