This Week in the Charts – November 2, 2020

This week in the charts, we have new debuts from Ball Park Music, Hands Like Houses, Josh Teskey & Ash Grunwald, Kylie Minogue, Dennis Cometti, Narla, Fortay, Helen Mountfort, Jimmy Nice, and Ryland Rose.

 Ball Park Music debut #1 on the Independent Label Albums chart with Ball Park Music, and #2 with the Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs Reissue, #3 with Puddinghead Reissue, #4 with their Good Mood Reissue, #5 with Every Night the Same Dream Reissue, and #6 with Musuem Reissue. Dennis Cometti debuts #10 with Dennis Cometti, Narla debuts #14 with Till the Weather Changes, and Helen Mountfort debuts #17 with Ebb.

On the 100% independent albums chart, Narla debtus #3 with Till the Weather Changes, Helen Mountfort debuts #4 with Ebb, Ryland Rose debuts #10 with Champion of the Losers, Jimmy Nice debuts #11 with MADIDEA: a rap motion picture, and Fortay debuts #3 with Around the Clock.

 On the Independent Label Singles chart, Kylie Minogue #3 with I Love It, Hands Like Houses debut #8 with Dangerous and #11 with Space.
Kylie #3 on the 100% Independent Singles chart with I Love It, and Josh Teskey and Ash Grunwald debuts #20 with Hungry Heart.

Re-entries this week from Mike Brady, Ruel, Sheppard, DMA’s, Natalie D-Napoleon, and Flight Facilities

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