This Week in the Charts – October 26, 2020

New debuts this week in the charts from Crocodylus, Flight to Dubai, Outloved, Ex-Olympian, Smarts, Angus Gill & Seasons of Change, Chaos Divine, Van-Anh Nguyen, Alli Butler, and Shotgun Mistress.

Crocodylus make their Independent Label Singles chart debut at #12 with Social Climber/Camouflage, while Shotgun Mistress debut #18 with Collide and #7 with Collide on the 100% Independent Singles chart, and Alli Butler debuts #17 with Bliss.

On the Albums chart, Angus Gill & Seasons of Change debut #1 with 3 Minute Movies on the Independent Labels Albums charts and the 100% Independent Albums chart, Flight to Dubai debut #3 on the Labels Albums chart and #2 on the 100% Albums chart with Strife. Smarts debut #4 and #3 with Who Needs Smarts, Anyway? while Van-Anh Nguyen debuts #8 on the 100% Independent Albums chart with Peaceful Piano Essentials.

Chaos Divine #5 on the 100% Albums and #18 on the Label Albums chart with Legacies.

Outloved debut #7 with Be There For Me, and Ex-Olympian debuts #9 with Afterlife on the Independent Label Albums charts. 

Re-entries this week from The Rubens, Mike Brady, Casey Barnes, The Chats, and Ocean Alley.

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