This Week in the Charts – September 28, 2020

This week in the charts we have new debuts from Kylie Minogue, Dami Im, Pendulum, Mia Wray, Take Two, Katie Jayne, Andrew Swift, Mildlife, Yours Truly, Vacations, JK-47, The Apartments, ALIA, Obscura Hail, A. Swayze & The Ghosts, and Pseudo Echo.

Dami Im debuts #1 on the Independent Label Singles charts with Paper Dragons, while Kylie Minogue debuts #2 with Magic, Pendulum debut #5 and #7 with Nothing For Free and Driver. Taj Farrant debuts #10 with Nothing For Free and ALIA debuts #12 with Only Now.

Katie Jayne and Andrew Swift debut #15 and #18 with Why Can’t You Love Me? and Right On Down.

Over on the 100% Singles chart, Kylie debuts #1 with Magic and moves to #2 with Say Something, Taj Farrant and ALIA debut #5 and #6, while Mia Wray makes her singles chart debut at #10 with Work For Me. Nter debut #17 with SilverSpoons.

Mildlife land #1 on the Independent Label Albums chart with Automatic, Yours Truly debut #3 with Self Care, and Take Two debut #4 with Mind Like Mine.
A. Swayze & The Ghosts debut #6 with Paid Salvation, Vacations debut #9 with Forever In Bloom, and The Electorate make their debut with last week’s feature album You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost at #12, while Obscura Hail debut #14 with Siren.

Take Two make their Mind Like Mine 100% Independent Albums debut at #1, Vacations debut #4 with Forever In Bloom, and The Electorate debut #6 with You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost. Azmatik & The Megatherium debut #8 with Tuna, Pseudo Echo debut #8 with After Party, SUNDR debut #9 with Solar Ships, The Apartments debut #14 with In and Out of the Light, and JK-47 debuts #16 with Made For This.

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