Feature: Braille Face – Original Cast Recording

Braille Face is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets – part force of nature, part studio wizard, his genre-shifting pop songs glide from moody electronics to soaring indie rock.

Original Cast Recording is his long-awaited second album, following on from his 2016 debut Koya. The album is deeply personal, with songs tackling mental health, medication, sexuality and masculinity, while exploring the various ways in which mental health and creativity intersect and interact – for better or for worse.

Written and produced over a handful of years in studios and spaces across Melbourne, New York, Oslo & Japan, the album is a document of a turbulent but ultimately hopeful period in Braille Face’s ongoing relationship with his own mental health.

“The album title comes from something my mother told me when I was about 15 years old. I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety and in order to soothe me onto the idea of medication, she said, “if you break your leg, you put it in a cast. This is the same thing.”
This narrative stuck and came to help define who I have been for the better part of 15 years – the part my mother left out was the part where you have to eventually take off this cast once it’s healed.”
– Jordan White / Braille Face

Original Cast Recording is out now through Spirit Level.

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