Feature: PNK ME – I’ve Never Been Me

Premiered on Acid Stag and triple J Unearthed TOPS, Adelaide producer and singer-songwriter, PNK FME has released his highly anticipated debut EP, I’ve Never Been Me. Composed of five tracks, the EP exposes the confronting demons and scuffed souls of an individual undergoing immense personal growth. Partaking in this exhibition is Gold Coast’s DVNA, who delivers a heart-stirring performance on I Know But You Don’t’.

With ‘You Never Said’, ‘Body Language’ and ‘Firing Rifle’ circulating leading up to I’ve Never Been Me’s release, the world has tasted the deep emotional resonance PNK FME injects into his production, songwriting and performance. For his debut body of work, the Adelaide artist invites listeners to complete the introspective voyage into the mind with ‘Hypomania’ and ‘I Know But You Don’t’ featuring DVNA.

A rollercoaster of extreme highs and dismal lows, ‘Hypomania’ warps a stable reality into intangible distortion. The single is a deeply personal record for PNK FME, as he delves into the actuality of living with ADHD, as he explains, “this song encapsulates the shell of everything involved in this world and area of my life.”

I’ve Never Been Me’s second unheard release, I Know But You Don’t is the follow-up chapter of personal growth established in ‘You Never Said’. Drawing inspiration from the juxtaposition of the stout structure of a military tattoo with the off-kilter aspects of alt-pop; ‘I Know But You Don’t is a vessel for an individual to champion their inner vanguard. “In essence, ‘I Know But You Don’t’ is realising that you’re an individual and you’re on your own path. This was and is a difficult transition but once I made it I never looked back,” says PNK FME.  

The amalgamation of PNK FME’s gritty performance and DVNA’s swooning R&B results in a spellbinding listening experience. The addition of jagged synths that march precisely with percussion, atypical texture profiles and raw acoustics, elevates ‘I Know But You Don’t’ to an ethereal realm. “Working with DVNA at Fall Back Studios in Melbourne is something I won’t forget, the process between us was so fluent,” he affirms as DVNA continues, “I resonated with his emotive, dark and expensive sonic palette and I knew that I wanted to work with him. We connected so well musically, as well as personally that he almost missed his flight back to Adelaide! I remember adding parts up until the very last minute. I hope you enjoy this track as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.”

The excitement and buzz surrounding PNK FME’s debut EP is not unfounded!
With numerous nominations at the South Australian Music Awards and creative partnerships with the Art Gallery of South AustraliaSouth Australian Tourism CommissionCity of Adelaide, and the Adelaide Fashion Festival, PNK FME is a statutory figure in the local community. PNK FME is also generating waves around the globe with the producer and singer-songwriter’s catalogue garnering over 2M streams across platforms. Transcending the bounds of traditional genres, PNK FME’s sound has been backed by DROELOE (NL)San Holo (NL)Brooks (NL)Klingande (FR)BonHaus (MX) among others. Tastemakers such as triple j (AU)triple j Unearthed (AU)Stoney Roads (AU), Purple Sneakers (AU), CloudKid (DE), and dynmk (DE) have championed the project. PNK FME’s unique sonic and drive for success has captured the attention of four-time Grammy Award winner, Anthony Kilhoffer (Kanye, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson), who has mentored the young musician.

Be sure to keep your eyes locked on PNK FME throughout the rest of 2020 and beyond as he continues to work tirelessly on more music and collaborators.

I’ve Never Been Me is OUT NOW.

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