This Week in the Charts – June 10, 2020

Timothy James Bowen debuts #9 on the 100% Independent Albums chart with Steel & Wood

This week in the charts we have new debuts from Anthony Callea, Taylor Sheridan, Tkay Maidza, Timothy James Bowen, Clancy Pye, Donny Benet, Custard, Ben Hazlewood, Mahmood Khan, and Mitchos De Menace.

 On the Independent Label Singles chart, Anthony Callea debuts #5 with Shadows, while Voice contestant Timothy James Bowen debuts #5 with The Greatest Thing. Clancy Pye debuts #11 with Get Lost, and Tkay Maidza debuts #15 with Shook.

On the 100% Independent Singles chart Anthony Callea debuts #1, Timothy James Bowen debuts #2, Taylor Sheridan debuts #19 with When The Demons Come Acoustic, and Mahmood Khan debuts #20 with Merry Go Round.

On the Independent Label Albums chart, Donny Benet debuts #2 with Mr Experience and Custard debut #3 with Respect All Lifeforms.

On the 100% Independent Albums chart, Mitchos De Menace debuts #3 with Pray for Them, Timothy James Bowen debuts #9 with Steel & Wood and #10 with his self-titled album, while Mahmood Khan debuts #15 with Tere Baghair and Ben Hazlewood debuts #16 with Bloodline.

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