Feature: Benny Walker – Chosen Line

Hailing from regional Victoria, Indigenous singer/songwriter Benny Walker with a voice that is said to have the drag and timbre of a natural soul man …his music is pure blues-rock, buoyed by clean, lyrical guitar solos and the throb of electric organ. Benny’s love songs and epic tales are mixed with passion for the land, the people and deep grooves that reach the soul. 

Chosen Line is Benny Walker’s third studio album.  Produced by Jan Skubiszewski and Pip Norman the album features co-writes with both producers along with musicians George Carpenter [Your Place] and Desmond Masé / Rachael Lia Carne [We’re Home].

Chosen Line is a full album experience and showcases both sides of Benny Walker. Tracks All Ya Gotta Do Is Call and I Don’t Blame You are both strong Blues bass tracks that have yielded Benny’s highest streaming figures to date. Current single We’re Home and title track Chosen Line showcase his more introverted soulful nature.

“Chosen Line” could’ve been called “Songline” or even “Unchosen Line”. The title represents my “chosen” career path. I didn’t really choose it. I embraced it. I come from a long line of storytellers and musicians, and they’ve all had a significant impact on the person I’ve become and the musician that I am. I’m a Yorta Yorta man and in our culture, we would call that my Songline. Yorta Yorta visual artist, John Patten, created the album artwork taking into account my songline and the Yorta Yorta totem the long-neck turtle as well as the river that also represents the fretboard of a guitar. says Benny Walker

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