Feature: Haiku Hands – MANB*TCH

Dance-pop renegades Haiku Hands have released their newest single MANB*TCH, from their forthcoming debut album. Known for their outrageous live performances and infectious anthems, the single release comes with an accompanying music video directed by Nathan Lewis.

Speaking on the origins and meaning of the empowering track, the group stated: “MANBITCH was one of the first songs we ever wrote together. It was written and recorded in Joel Ma’s studio in Melbourne with extra production flavour by Elgusto. We were laughing our heads off as we wrote it. It’s a club banger and a reimagining of the concept ‘bitch’ for anyone from any gender identification who would like to use it, own it and flex it.”

With their debut album right around the corner, stay tuned for more exciting news and infectious tunes from Haiku Hands.

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